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Software features (quick guide)

Multi-user visualisation incl. VPN access complete software solution based on state-of-the-art Microsoft Windows ® technology for control, documentation and automation tasks under Microsoft Windows based on the .NET Framework 4.6. The visualisation can be configured as a redundant system. A VPN can be used as remote access.
Program parts Editor, EisBaer SCADA server service client (license-free, unlimited) client-server operation The editor is used to create, parameterise and simulate projects. The EisBär SCADA server service is used for the functional processing of a project. It fits into the operating system as a Windows system service. The client serves the user as an interface to display and operate the project in client-server operation. The number of clients is unlimited and license-free.
Smart-Clients iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows RT In the respective stores the apps are available free of charge for the current operating system variants. Two viewing modes are supported: Landscape (Landscape, Graphical View) and List View (Portrait, Menus). Rotation of the device switches between both modes.
Client Number not limited and free  
Interfaces integrated and royalty-free Supported and available interface:
KNX USB, KNX Net / IP tunneling, KNX Net / IP routing, KNX EIBLib, DMX direct network connection (control RGB), digitalStrom, ModBus TCP, Modbus RTU, Modbus UDP, CAN Bus, OPC Client UA, OPC Client DA , OPC Client DA XML, LON (via OPC), BACnet Server, BACnet Client, Fidelio (Hotel Booking System), ESPA 4.4.4 Slave, Sonos, BOSE Soundtouch, Revox Voxnet, Lutron, Tesla, Multi-IO-IP (tcp / udp / http), IRTrans, eKey, Philips Hue, Koubachi Plant Sensor, Enocean, ZigBee LightLink, Z-Wave, ABB CMS-600, ABB M2M, ABB Sigma i-bus, DALI Emergency Light, SNMP Trap, SNMP Manager, SNMP Agent, SNMP MIB, Diginet Rapix, C-Bus, Wago PFC (via Modbus), Profibus DP (eg to S7), Denon Heos, Siemens LOGO 8!, Gardena Smart System
Interface modules any Integration of any number of driver modules, e.g. for coupling several KNX systems in one project or coupling of KNX with BACnet
KNX-logging Recording of the telegram traffic Without ETS, the telegrams can be logged from the KNX driver. The protocol files can be read directly with the ETS 4/5.
Editor free, any size and complexity free editor for creating any large and complex projects, including online simulation mode
Software‐Updates free of charge within the main version  
Updates automatically from the server to the clients Updates are automatically sent and installed by the server to the clients
Windows service on a server without user login By separating display and processing, it is possible to operate the EisBaer server as a system service on a server without a user login. After the EisBaer SCADA server service is started, the system is automatically ready without additional operator interventions and the states of those bus nodes whose addresses are parameterised for this initialisation are requested.
Dongle Licensing using USB dongle any PC's usable, no hardware association, licensing with USB dongle, remains on server in the customer system
Graphical user
Visualisation of building and device conditions Graphical user interface: Visualization of building or device states with freely positionable and rotatable elements. Save your own images and menu structures per user group
Layer Layer for optimised design of graphical user interfaces  
Graphic formats suitable floor plans,
photographs, symbols and icons
Possible graphics formats: BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF and TIFF. PDF, DWG, and DXF files should be converted to PNG before and then they can also be used.
Languages any languages The interface and menus are multilingual. Any language (culture settings) can be used in the interface. The language is switched directly on each client at runtime.
Password protection for any number of persons If the project is password-protected, any number of people with independent passwords can log in as an operator in the client program. The names and passwords are arbitrarily long and non-readable.
Fault manager according DIN 19235 Alarm logger with recording of messages according to DIN19235, any number of messages, including linking of external documents or URLs, with logbook function and nonchangeable storage of the entries in a SQL based database
Presence-simulation as ring storage as ring memory with recording and day-synchronous playback
Astro timer after sunrise and sunset Astro time for control following sunrise and sunset, with offset channels and output of the sun position, moon phase and sun hours
Operation hours
for consumers with 50/50 or 3/3 usage to compensate aging  
Cloud-based solution self-managed self-managed cloud solution based on FTP data transfer, backup of any data and data volumes
DALI Emergency
for DALI self contained
emergency fittings
DALI emergency lighting manager as a test system for DALI emergency fittings, Testing (function, battery, discharge and duration) and reporting and visual presentation
File logger for recording any values in csv files  
IP-cameras MJPEG, h.264 und rtsp Display of IP cameras with MJPEG or h.264: IP camera and media display, freely positionable also in floor plans, saving of snapshots and optional sending via e-mail and / or FTP
IP-camera archive video snapshots IP Camera archive for recording video snapshots with any external trigger
IP-camera motion
video motion detection IP camera based motion detector with alarm video recording function
IP‐Link bidirectional with foreign products  
JSON / XML Parser for retrieving data from external sources  
Calendar as a universal time switch

Calendar as a universal time switch with Outlook-like operation, activation / deactivation via communication object, date series with adjustable repeat patterns, import export from iCal / ics, import from Outlook calendar, simple
view and operation as a weekly timer

Media player for the integration of multimedia content  
Virtuell meter Inputs for measured values, counter readings and S0 signals  
Plotter with data recording of measured values Plotter with data recording of measured values in SQL based data bases, without limitation
Multi converter to run your own C # and program code Special calculations or requirements can be executed or
solved using the programming languages C # and
QR Code Encoder Representation of encoded information  
Sequencer freely programmable for controlling any load  
Door intercom
customisable graphic  
Soft-PLC can be used as often as required Soft PLC can be used as often as required in the project, without limitation of inputs, outputs and gates, including mathematical functions and controllers. Integrated simulation mode
Peak loadmanagement maximum monitor for any number of switching stages The maximum monitor ensures an optimal distribution of the available power by intelligent monitoring of the energy usage and avoids expensive peaks. Input for S0-impulse, power and meter values
Start applications of any PC programs  
Scenes Save, Recall, Monitor Saving and recalling light scenes, monitoring of correct setting of the outputs and information about local changes
Consumption monitor with budget management and trend calculation Consumption monitor with budget management and trend calculation per measuring channel, set up of virtual groups, inputs for measured values, counter readings and S0 signals
Wecker with dynamic offset control of output channels  
Weather forecast free data delivery for any location Weather forecast with free data delivery for any location, as measured values for integration into the automation functions of the plant, e.g. Forecast based energy-efficient heating or cooling of buildings
Human centric
Color temperature control / constant light control Simulation of the daylight with color temperature control and constant light control (circadian rhythm)

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