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Restlaufzeit Zähler
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System Takt
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Probleme mit ODER-Verknüpfung im Logikeditor
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Touch-Werteingabe Mehrfachmarkierung
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Client lädt keine Komponenten
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SCADAcomp Vorlagen für Eisbär V2
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Licensing redundancy
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Welcome to the support area of the Visualisation Software EisBaer SCADA of Alexander Maier GmbH

In order to be able to offer comprehensive and individual support for our EisBaer users, we have created a separate area in our homepage for this purpose  - the EisBaer SCADA / KNX support area.


Among other things, the support area offers you a large download area with our current software packages, graphics for your visualisation projects, and demo projects as sample files that you can further edit with the editor and also use for presentation. A large support forum for your questions, wishes and suggestions about the software and for discussions around the topic EIB / KNX are also available free of charge.

In order to download our free development environment - EisBaer SCADA-Editor, you need a user/customer account that gives you access to the files and the support forum. The creation of a user account is of course free of charge and the registration done within a few moments  - you only need to fill out an online registration form and enter your personal and valid e-mail address, as we send you an activation link by e-mail after submitting the form to verify your e-mail address. As long as you do not execute or confirm this link, your account will remain inactive.

We would like to ask you to refrain from signing up for non-existent email addresses. These accounts will be deleted immediately because they can not be verified.


If you would like to know more about our Visualisation Software EisBaer SCADA  and our other products, you will find the required areas in the main menu. Among other things, you will find more detailed information and documentation about EisBaer SCADA, our Touchscreen PanelPCs series "EisTouch HI", the new EisBaer TouchPanel 3G, 4G and 5G series and our MINIlPC-Series "EisBaer HI-Server". A up-to-date flyers, price lists and also ETS product databases are also provided on the download page for free download to retrieve.

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