19 Feb

EisBaer SCADA 3.0 Update February 2019

EisBaer News

What is New ?

EisBaer SCADA 3.0 has now fully implemented the KNX IP Secure protocol. With double protection, based on AES 128, KNX/EisBaer provides the highest available security for smart homes and smart buildings.
Dynamic Load Management with EisBaer SCADA is making simultaneous electric vehicle (EV) charging easier, faster and cheaper.
New and updated driver:
  • KNX IP - Secure
  • EV - Charger (New)
  • Loxone (New)
  • Legic Reader - EVIS (New)
  • Fidelio Room Info (New)
  • SNMP (Update)
  • DigitalSTROM (Update)
  • Bose SoundTouch (Extended)
  • Modbus (Extended)
  • SMS (Update)
  • Z-Wave (Update)
  • Tesla (Extended)
  • HTTP-Server (Update)
  • File Logger (Extended)
  • Push Notification (Extended)
  • Insert pictures by drag and drop (New)
  • Insert SCADAComps by drag and drop (New)

Dynamic Load Management
EisBaer in control of EV-Charger

Large-scale deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) is going to happen in next years. Heavy intermittent charging load of EVs will create bottlenecks in supplying capacity and expose power system to risks.
The installation of 1 or 2 EV-chargers will not have an impact on the electrical infrastructure of the buildings. However, multiple charging points are usually calling for an upgrade of cable, transformer etc.
This is were EisBaer 3.0 offers smarter charging controls to eliminate the risk of overloading even when multiple chargers are being used simultaneously.
Download the NEW EisBaer 3.0 !

New member in our "Driver family"
EisBaer now with Loxone interface

The all new EisBaer - Loxone interface will help to solves the problems caused by the lack of connectivity and communication and will offer a fully graphical visualisation tool to the system integrators and user of the Loxone Smart Home system.
Check out the NEW possibilities !

The term “Smart Home/Building” has been around for quite a while, in fact has been first mentioned in the 1980’s and nowadays takes the pleasure in excessive use. It seems to me, that there is a lack of definition on what a “Smart Home/Building” is. Been working around the world I noticed a different understanding in almost every country I went to. With all the systems available and every device connected it may appear that we are on the verge to a “Smart Home/Building”- future we are hearing so much about. The reality looks different though. As the result of no clear definition we find a lack of connectivity and communication between the vast number of devices and systems in commercial, industrial and residential environments. It seems that manufacturer and contractors, especially in the IoT Era trying to protect future revenues by using standalone devices and/or proprietary systems or capsuled cloud services with little transparency and/or no connectivity.
Our common goal should be cognitive homes and buildings, a combination of smart infrastructure and the intelligent connection with the people.

Rene Rieck
Global Product Manager


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