25 Jul

EisBaer SCADA 3 - Summer update 2020

EisBaer Summer - update
Before the well-deserved summer vacation, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all EisBaer friends for the support and we are happy to send the development of the last 3 months as an update on the way. We wish you a lot of fun with even more performance, many new functions and brand new brochures.
New and updated drivers:

          Sankey Flowcharts (New)
          MQTT Bridge (new)
          UPNP (new)
          Miele @ home (new)
          HomeConnect (new)
          Daikin AC (new)
          Gardena V2 (new)
          MQTT Broker (update)
          CIM (update)
          JSON / XML (update)
          Web browser (update)
          EisBär V3 App (update)
          WebApp / HTML5 - Client (update)
          Colorshow gets HSV outputs (update)
          Page change function: Forward - Backward
Sankey - show the flow
A Sankey diagram is a special type of flow diagram in which the flow quantities are shown by arrows proportional to the quantity: The width of the arrow represents the quantity to scale.
  •     Sankey diagrams are used to visualize material and energy flows.
  •     They show energy or material flows with arrows proportional to the quantity
  •     You have directional arrows
  •     Sankey diagrams direct the viewer's gaze to the largest flows or the largest consumers and thus communicates your message in an appealing manner.
  •     Sankey diagrams can be freely defined in terms of appearance and function and can therefore be adapted to the wishes of your customers.

Sankey diagrams are an effective alternative to conventional flow diagrams or bar and pie charts, especially when it comes to the representation of energy flows and / or volume flows in production plants.

Download EisBaer Sankey Demo

MQTT - EisBär IoT Power

In addition to client and broker, the new EisBär version now also includes an MQTT bridge with which it is possible to connect different brokers with each other and control the exchange of data via the integrated channel editor. The networking of two MQTT brokers ensures additional security, redundancy and a targeted exchange of the required data.

The EisBär MQTT broker sets new standards with its functional update.
  •      Broker has direct MQTT bridge input (for another broker)
  •      Topics can be transferred directly to the EisBär as a data point (MQTT client functionality)
  •      Thanks to the integrated client management, additional authentication of the MQTT clients can be guaranteed and the status of the clients can be output via the data point connections (online / offline).
  •      Extended import functions

Download the all new EisBaer 3.0

New EisBaer load management controller

The newest of our hardware family combined with load management for up to 6 EV Chargers

Download Dynamic Load Management

Download the new EisBaer image brochure
Despite the turbulence of 2020, smart buildings are still high on the agenda. At EisBär, we focus on the digital transformation of buildings, the path from smart buildings to cognitive buildings.

With our EisBär software, building managers can not only create an integrated dashboard for an overview of buildings in real time, but also analyze problems to save time and resources. The improved data quality and quantity of the numerous intelligent components of EisBär 3.0 form the basis for a more comprehensive integration of different building system technologies, which enables better monitoring and better system intelligence. EisBär has become a leading platform for building automation and data processing. With machine learning and AI, building managers and operators can easily determine which problems need to be fixed.
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