22 Jan

EisBaer SCADA 3 - Update 01/2021

Happy New Year 2021
with the brand new EisBaer 3.0 version
We from EisBaer would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to all our beta tester, who helped us during the holiday season to get the next update ready. As promised, here is the boosted new EisBaer 3.0 with new exciting features.
New and updated drivers:
  •      Casambi (new)
  •      LoRBaer LoRaWAN (new)
  •      Feig RFID Reader (new)
  •      The Things Network V2 (new)
  •      free@home (new)
  •      ETS 6 Import (new)
  •      MQTT - Support for JSON strings (update)
  •      eSankey web support diagrams (update)
  •      OPC Client UA,DA,XML (update)*
  •      Tesla (update)
  •      JSON/XML (update)
  •      IP Camera and media display (update)
  •      HomeConnect (update)
  •      Ozuno Rapix DT8 (update)
  •      DMX Open-DMX V4 (update)
  •      LUA - store, recall variables, templates (update)
  •      Honeywell MB-Secure (update)

* Note: For the new OPC Client UA, DA, XML (Update) it is essential that the new OPC add-on is installed.  (from Windows 10 2004 and this EisBaer version)

Casambi fully integrated in EisBaer

With the new EisBär interface, the entire Casambi ecosystem can be seamlessly integrated and visualized in the building automation world. EisBär can use its MQTT functionalities to send building data from your Casambi-controlled lighting to all devices anywhere in the world. All data can be displayed in the intuitive EisBaer visualization and allow the monitoring and reporting of:
  •      Power consumption
  •      Room utilisation
  •      Brightness level
  •      Lighting and network errors

"The Casambi solution is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, the state-of-the-art wireless technology and the only low power wireless technology in all modern smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches, making it the only mainstream and future proof low power radio technology in the world.

Bluetooth Low Energy was developed at Nokia Research Center where the founders of Casambi worked. That’s why Casambi has had the unique advantage in realizing the potential of Bluetooth Low Energy early on. Casambi started the development of the solution before there were any Bluetooth Low Energy devices on the market."


The new Dimension
Busch-free@home® and EisBaer

Great connectivity thanks to the brand new free@home interface. Combining the worlds of Busch-Jaeger's successful Smart Home System and the EisBaer world opens up a new dimension in building management for single-family houses, apartment buildings and residential complexes.
Download the new EisBaer 3.0

LoRBaer® - LoRaWAN® Network Server

With our LoRBaer® - LoRaWAN network server, as a central cloud platform, we offer a service for setting up LoRaWAN networks. Together with the EisBaer component, they form a ready-to-use solution with the familiar, user-friendly editor for integrating LoRaWAN® devices into your applications.

Acquire - save - evaluate - display

LoRa is suitable for applications such as:

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Security
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Agriculture
Download the EisBaer Smart Charging brochure now !
"LoRaWAN technology will greatly revolutionize the existing market and finally make the Internet of Things accessible to everyone."
Johannes Dultz – CEO www.samemission.de

LoRaWAN is currently on the upswing. The geographical coverage is becoming more and more extensive and extensive. The number of use cases is also increasing and LoRaWAN can therefore be used in ever more diverse ways. The LoRa Alliance now has a comprehensive global presence of public networks and existing implementations. In particular, the standardization that has already taken place and the accredited certification program made it possible to achieve the necessary interoperability for scaling LPWA networks, making LoRaWAN the leading solution for global LPWAN deployments. The global expansion of LoRaWAN network coverage is steadily increasing and is experiencing a significant monthly increase.

Our EisBaer software and services are right on trend. The numerous intelligent components of EisBär 3.0 form the basis for a more comprehensive integration and system intelligence.

From Smart Buildings to Smart Cities!

Download the new EisBaer 3.0

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