01 Apr

Easter Update V3 - 2021

Happy Easter from the entire team here at EisBaer. We wish you and your family a nice and relaxing easter weekend. Here is the first easter egg for you this year. The new EisBaer 3.0 with exciting new features. All the best !!
New and updated drivers:

Direct connections KNX <> MQTT: KNX <> BACnet
        automatic data point mapping
  •           MQTT Client - Broker - Redundacy (New)
  •           MQTT User management (Update)
  •           Lightware VINX (New)
  •           frogblue - shutter function (Update)
  •           KNX - NAT function (Update)
  •           Color Show - new color packages (Update)
  •           Ozuno Rapix - color function (Update)
  •           LorBaer LoRaQWAN (Update)
  •           OPC - UA (Update)
  •           Plotter (Update)
  •           Miele@Home (Update)
  •           Push notifications (Update)
  •           Load Management (Update)

Please note:
The client update service has been changed. All client PCs have to be updated manually to the new version ! The automatic client update then works as usual.

New price lists will be available soon !!

Dynamic load management

Our load management component has been expanded to include the following features:
  • Cascading ability
  • Adjustment to the connection value of the residential unit
  • Power prioritization for parking lots
  • Limitation to the current values of the fuses


Using the new internal, bidirectional connection interface "KNX driver gateway" on our KNX driver, as well as on our MQTT client and Bacnet server, it is possible to connect these components together quickly and easily. After the export / import process, all existing KNX communication objects are mapped as topics in the MQTT client and / or data points in the Bacnet server, which are already connected internally - without any linking work. The Topics / Bacnet DP are therefore 1:1 images of the existing KNX data points. In the MQTT client channel editor, the automatically generated topics can be set so that the data from KNX to MQTT or in the other direction can either be sent and / or received - depending on the application.
The areas of application of MQTT include the cross-location connection and networking of the KNX system (s) via an encrypted SSL connection to a remote MQTT broker or clients connected to it, the connection of several self-sufficient KNX systems of a property to one or more even several MQTT brokers (redundancy), the individual buildings of which, however, are not networked via a dedicated line, in order to manage fault messages centrally, for example. The ability to record meter data, consumption and temperature values ​​or individual / central commands, scenes and the like across locations is another main focus for such an implementation.
This makes possible to exchange messages and statuses from the KNX world quickly and efficiently in buildings that also work with the MQTT or Bacnet protocol.
Download the all new EisBaer 3.0 here !

EisBaer IoT Service Controller

From Smart Buildings to Cognitive Buildings!

The EisEdge IoT Service Controller brings together the various systems of building automation and the IoT world in commercial, industrial and private environments.
In the “Babylon of Systems” EisEdge creates the link between different technologies and protocols, the IoT world and the user.
With its simple, intuitive handling, high flexibility and adaptability, the EisEdge with the EisBaer sbOS (Smart Building OS) represents an important component for the digital transformation of our buildings.

EisBaer Remote Controller

Universal remote commissioning tool for system integrators

As an industrial device, the RemoteBaer is optimised for 24/7 operation.
A 4G / LTE modem is installed in the device, which can be operated with any mobile card (e.g. twin card). The LTE antenna is removable and can optionally be an external antenna. The connection via 4G / LTE creates a technical network without any connection to the on-site IP network.
The RemoteBaer can be used for rental and can be taken back after commissioning and/or diagnosis.
  •     ETS remote programming (ETS in the system)
    • ETS dongle from the local PC is transferred to the RemoteBär via software.
    • ETS download of applications or firmware updates run locally, so there are no interruptions when the network connection is interrupted
    • KNX telegram duration recording
    • On-site storage of the KNX project data
  •     Access to network devices such as EV chargers, IP cameras ...
  •     Use of any tool software, e.g. DALI tools, visualisations, IP scanner ...

Warm welcome to the team, Marc !

The entire EisBaer team is very happy to have you on board.
Marc is a graphic designer and a 3D animation specialist, which will expand our offering to you, our partners and system integrators.
If you need professional support for your visualisation drawings or you would like to offer your clients something different, please talk to us !
We will save your time of doing the graphics and you can concentrate on the technical part, to make it a full success.
Download the all new EisBaer 3.0 here !
EisBaer - your tool for building a "digital twin"

What is a "digital twin"?

A digital twin could be explained as a virtual representation of a real object. This consists of a lot of data, algorithms and sensors. These ensure that the data can be compared with the real world in real time.
Thanks to the virtual representation of the building, all different systems can be compressed with their data.
Our EisEdge IoT Service Controller with all existing interfaces is the link between the real object and the digital twin. This creates a common platform (sbOS) that links all available information sources.
The aim of the digital twin is to create a single source of truth (SSOT) with which many of today's problems can be solved.
With the help of KNX, Bacnet ... and / or IoT sensors, a digital twin forms a live model that shows the current state of the building. This leads to significant increases in efficiency and project management.

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