22 Dec

EisBär 3.0 - Christmas Update 12/2021

The entire EisBaer team wishes you and your families
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Before we say goodbye to the well-deserved vacation, we would like to put the latest EisBaer 3.0 under the Christmas tree for all of you. The entire EisBaer team wishes you relaxing days, a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Have fun with the new EisBaer 3.0 and its novelties.
New and updated drivers:
  •      OCPP 1.6 and 2.0 (Update)
  •      KNX GA-XML import (new)
  •      Driver2Driver (update)
  •      Salto (update)
  •      MQTT (update)
  •      OPC UA (update)
  •      LUA  (update)
  •      Calendar (update)
  •     Tesla is back (new)
Our support team spends Christmas with their families and looks forward to being there for you again in the New Year!

Unique evolution of the EisBaer - OCPP component

With this update at the end of the year, we are pleased to introduce our unique OCPP Evolution. In addition to the well-known local charging management, you are now also able to use our OCPP proxy to connect the charging station to third-party billing systems or to easily integrate the EisBaer into existing systems. Calendar control, charge planning, remote RFID card management and automatic email dispatch are also part of this evolutionary stage.
Thanks to the innovative, optional connection of artificial intelligence, we can develop a predictive charging management system and algorithms that intelligently control charging processes.
The EisBaer innovation in charging management enables us to set up charging infrastructure without having to expand or adapt the power grid. Artificial intelligence also helps us to reconcile the needs of users and operators in the best possible way.



s2s System linking

The s2s (System to System) functionality in the EisBaer continues to grow. With just a few clicks, data points can be transferred from system to system and networked with one another with a single link.
A new standard for multi-protocol gateways.

This functionality, already presented on our EisBaer Youtube channel, has now been supplemented by additional drivers.

Download the new EisBaer 3.0

Our EisBaer server for installation in distribution boards, optimized for 24/7 operation at a central point in electrical distribution as din rail device - space-saving, compact, energy-efficient and maintenance-free.

Ideally suited as an EisBaer visualisation server for SmartBuilding systems that are to be operated via mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), as well as from several Windows or HTML clients. Can be used in living areas, in industrial plants or public buildings for controlling and operating building system technology, as fault message management, as a controller for dynamic charging management, as an energy consumption monitor or as a service interface.

  •      Suitable for industry and protected from dust
  •      fanless design
  •      Aluminum profile housing
  •      Available temperature working ranges -40 ° C to 85 ° C
Download the new EisBaer 3.0
"Every crisis is always an opportunity"

In this turbulent year 2021, we had enough reason to think about it and came to the conclusion: It's true!

We have initiated many projects that would have been lost in everyday business at “normal times”.
We have learned that we can rely one hundred percent on our partners. Together with you, our EisBaer has made an evolution that we can be proud of together.
Thank you for staying loyal to us, giving us new impulses with your suggestions, pushing us forward and thus helping to make our products better every day.

We wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones and we look forward to a new year together!

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